Sinus related problems

Sinus treatment is largely medical related and when surgery is needed, it is usually performed using an endoscopic approach. This approach is less invasive, less painful and yield good results in properly selected patients. 

We treat the full scope of nasal and sinus disorders, including:

Rhinitis – an inflammation of the membranes lining the nose

Chronic sinusitis with polyps – an inflammation of the sinuses that lasts more than 3 months and is associated with nasal polyps

Chronic sinusitis without polyps

Deviated septum 

Fungal sinusitis includes allergic fungal sinusitis and fungal ball

Inverting papilloma – benign tumours that form inside the nose

Nasal fractures and nasal deformities

Nasal masses and nasal tumours

Nosebleeds in paediatric and adults

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