Neck and gland masses

Neck lumps are common in children and adults, and are generally benign in nature. However, malignancy needs to be ruled out. Most of the neck lumps are removed surgically. 

Our expert group of surgeons are competent in diagnosing, staging and managing most benign neck lumps. However, all head and neck cases are presented at a multidisciplinary team meeting at Fiona Stanley Hospital to ensure best care is offered to our patients. 

Salivary glands Disorders

The salivary glands make saliva and release it into the mouth, which helps the chewing, swallowing and enhance food digestion. Many salivary glands conditions require surgical intervention. At West Coast ENT, our skilled surgeons have significant understanding of diseases affecting the salivary glands. 

When it comes to surgical treatment of the salivary glands, it’s critical to choose a surgeon with the experience and ability to monitor the facial nerve, which runs through the middle of the salivary gland. Any surgery places the nerve at risk for injury, which can include partial or complete facial weakness.

We treat the full scope of salivary gland disorders, including:

Stones in the salivary glands

Benign tumours

Malignant tumours

Salivary gland abscess


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