Hearing assessments

The Audiologists at West Coast ENT have extensive experience in assessing complex hearing situations in children and adults. Our Bunbury clinic is able to assess children aged 3 years and older, while of Murdoch practice can assess children as young as 8-months.

On the day of your appointment, the specialist may request a hearing test, especially if there are any hearing, balance or tinnitus concerns reported by the GP or during your case history.  A hearing test helps the Specialist decide if further medical investigations are required, such as imaging or surgery. 

During the assessment, the Audiologist will inspect the eardrum, perform a pressure measurement (tympanogram), a hearing assessment, and in some cases a speech assessment. Pre- and post surgery hearing assessments are often times warranted to measure any improvement after medical management. 

Please be aware that hearing test results older than three months might not reflect your current hearing status, and a repeat test will be required on the day. Additionally, a screening hearing test conducted by anyone other than an Audiologist or Audiometrist will also unfortunately not be accepted, and a repeat test will be carried out on the day.

What to expect at your review appointment following grommet insertion:

Following grommet insertion, you will be reviewed by the Audiologist at the practice in most cases, unless there are significant medical concerns. During this consultation, one or all the below services will be carried out with your consent:

- An otoscopic inspection of the ear canal and condition of the grommet;

- A repeat hearing assessment if there was a hearing deficit before the grommets were inserted. 

- A middle ear function test, a.k.a a pressure test, if the grommets are suspected of being blocked by debris such as discharging fluid or wax;

- Discussion of dry ear precautions and options available such as ear plugs and ear wraps;

- Booking of any future appointments.

If there are specific concerns noted by the Audiologist, she will contact the surgeon to notify him/her of the outcome. If you would prefer to be reviewed by the surgeon instead of the Audiologist, please notify the admin staff when the follow-up appointment is made.


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